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Vantage LED Signs

Gator Graphics offers a complete line of full-color, shaded and monochrome outdoor and indoor LED signs/displays from our award-winning partner,

Vantage LED. From custom, high resolution displays to standard LED time and temperature signs, we deliver top quality LED signage backed by an unmatched warranty and customer service team. 

More Features


With the ability to create custom content from the cloud-based system, your messages become more personal to consumers passing your business every day. By keeping the content fresh and interesting, your business will become a landmark in your community. Consumers will start to look forward to seeing your message center. Talk about brand loyalty!




Is it hard to manage the message center myself?

Nope! Once we guide you through the process a few times, you will be whipping up unique messages for your businesses in no time!


What if I need help after installation?

You may call us at Gator Graphics (660-429-7443) or contact Vantage LED directly (1-888-595-3956). We will work hard to get all your questions answered as soon as possible.


Is there a warranty?

There is a parts warranty and onsite service for up to 7 years.


What should I do next?

Contact us! Send a message or call 660-429-7443 to get a free quote! There is no obligation by contacting us for a quote. We look forward to hearing about your business needs and how Gator Graphics can help it grow.


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